Karate Classes In Dartmouth Park

Karate Classes In Dartmouth Park

Dartmouth Park Karate Coach

Looking for a karate coach or karate instructional classes in Dartmouth Park ?

What’s Karate?

Karate may perhaps be described as a weapon-less way of self defence. It incorporates dynamic offensive and defensive procedures applying every part of the body to their maximum advantage. Regarded as empty handed martial art that’s made to defend against armed opponents.

Why It Is Good To train Karate

Physical fitness, willpower, continuing development of excellent character are a few of the many benefits of practising Karate, you gain physical fitness through intense movement and aerobic and anaerobic exercise, control as a result of drills and repetition of movement, and develop good character by way of following directions and training with humility.

Karate Lessons/Classes In Dartmouth Park

Our Karate classes in Dartmouth Park target all types of people, usually one of these three: Men and women that would like to study a new martial art style or sport which hopefully keeps them fit People who are seriously interested in learning Karate & People who wish to develop the capability to defend themselves and increase their self-confidence in day to day life We can work with men, women and children of ages young and old regardless of their experience or actual physical ability.

Karate practice (Dartmouth Park ) – Our Karate Classes in Dartmouth Park

Karate practice is usually divided into three key activities:

Kihon (drilling of stances, blocks, punches, strikes and kicks)

Kumite (sparring)

Kata (pre-arranged forms simulating combat situations)

We bring these 3 activities together to bring a complete Karate tuition experience in Dartmouth Park .

History Of The Origins Of Karate At the turn of the 20th century, Anko Itosu gained permission to finish the shroud of secrecy for individuals who wished to learn fighting techinques and began teaching Karate in Okinawan schools. This led to further expansion by one of Itosu’s students, Sensei Gichin Funakoshi, who presented the art to Japan in 1922.

Funakoshi made many modifications to the art to make it more accessible to the Japanese including changing the name and karate as we know it today was born. Towards the end of his life, Funakoshi was instrumental in forming the Japanese Karate Association (JKA) which set about making karate a world martial art by sending out its best instructors to teach it all over the globe.

Today, karate is practiced by millions of people right across the world and even though the lines are often blurred between karate history facts and exagerations or legends, the contribution made by the old Okinawan masters and those that followed them must not be forgotten.

Karate history can be traced back some 1400 years, to Daruma, founder of Zen Buddhism in Western India. Daruma is said to have introduced Buddhism into China, incorporating spiritual and physical teaching methods that were so demanding that many of his disciples would drop in exhaustion. In order to give them greater strength and endurance, he developed a more progressive training system, which he recorded in a book, Ekkin-Kyo, which can be considered the first book on karate of all time.

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